Event planners have certain obstacles they have to face daily: keeping everything on R2L Main Dinning Roomschedule, meeting deadlines and budgets, and addressing the needs of their clients in order to achieve desired outcomes.

An additional consideration is how to find event space for each event. An event that goes smoothly with the addition of attentive service, a refined ambiance, and the top large event space in the city is the goal of any successful event planner.

At R2L, we feel the same way and our event specialists experience the same challenges. If there was ever a parallel between the restaurant business and the event planning business it’s that both industries have an intimate and daily knowledge of what it takes to craft unforgettable moments and flawless experiences for our respective guests.

R2L’s Top Large Event Space in Philadelphia Provides an Exemplary Dining Experience

Whether you’re an intimate party of twelve or a gathering of 300, we are equipped to accommodate your every dining need. At R2L, we partner with professional event planners such as yourself in order to create a distinctive and exclusive evening that your guests will never forget. We provide flexibility in everything from menu design to room arrangement––anything to suit your needs in order to conceive an unforgettable event using our top large event space.

Event planners time and again come to R2L for our exclusive private event spaces that allow your distinguished guests to revel at the views and enjoy the sophisticated ambiance of dining at this high-end top large event space.

  • The Pinnacle Room is arranged with circular tables for 64 guests and possesses amazing views of South Philadelphia all nestled within a relaxed, fine-dining atmosphere.
  • The William Penn Room is a visitor’s treat with an awe-inspiring southeastern view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Delaware River, and William Penn statue atop City Hall. The room can

  • For those who have a corporate or business need, both Board Rooms 1 & 2  are ideal for a small power-meeting with a plasma television and room for the elite 10-16 guests in your inner circle. Accommodate up to 22 guests and offers an unrivaled beauty at sunset.

  • Use the entire restaurant for a large, 300+ person private event. Utilize the Club Room, Salon and Bar/Lounge in addition to the private event space.


A Top Large Event Space Paired With a Chef-Driven Restaurant Delights Event Planners

At R2L, we appreciate how hard event planners work to ensure that their guests have the best possible dining experience. Whether you’re planning for a large gathering of 300, a high-end reception, a happy hour, or a group visit to the Philadelphia area, we want to help you create an impeccable dining event for your guests to enjoy.

Reach out to us at 215.564.3585, make a reservation, or learn more about planning an event at R2L. We are available to speak with you at any time about creating an unforgettable dining experience for your guests. We look forward to speaking with you.