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Searching for Restaurants Philadelphia PA Romantics Love? R2L Is The Answer

Restaurants-Philadelphia-PaWhat goes through your head when you hear the word ‘romantic’? Are you picturing a couple holding hands as they stroll down the city streets on a hot, summer night? Are you conjuring up pictures of rose petals and chocolate and thinking back to the first time you said “I love you”?

To us, romance is more than two lovebirds in a corner booth. It’s starry-eyed. Idealistic. Glamourous.

It’s being surrounded and completely enveloped by beauty and glamour.  It’s an experience that transports you to a bygone era.

When it comes to date-night restaurants, Philadelphia PA has hundreds. But when it comes to true romance, R2L is the only restaurant that fits the bill.

The Ambiance of Romance

Ritz and romance was the cornerstone of the Art Deco movement. Just picture Josephine Baker’s tantalizing feather skirt or Coco Chanel’s iconic little black dress. If you take a moment to notice the ornate, architectural gems that characterize Philadelphia, you’ll see why Hidden City Philadelphia calls this city one of the best in the world for Art Deco architecture–and why Liberty Place is one of the most iconic Art Deco buildings there is.

The playful geometric patterns, flamboyant material, and whimsical ornament that makes Jay Gatsby’s world vibrant and luxurious are echoed in R2L’s sleek decor, from the animal printed booths to the intermingled cutlery that hangs in a sculpture over the bar.

The Taste of Romance

Romance changes with the season, and so does our menu. Here is just a sampling of some of our seasonal dishes:

  • Spring: Rabbit loin with Leg peas, fresh ricotta, saffron pappardelle, and madeira
  • Summer: Crudo with mackerel, squash blossom, sweet herbs, melon, and lime
  • Autumn: Lobster paella with grilled shellfish, evergreen basmati rice, and saffron broth
  • Winter: Filet mignon with roasted potatoes, wild mushrooms, black garlic, and beef jus


Embrace the romance of one of the most iconic restaurants Philadelphia, PA has to offer. Five hundred feet above the streetlights and sidewalks, R2L’s sweeping views of the city will have your head in the clouds and your palate in heaven.

Reach out to us at 215.564.5337 to make a reservation or learn more about planning an event at R2L.


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