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A Renowned Pennsylvania Restaurant in the Heart of Philly

pennsylvania restaurantPhiladelphia locals know that Philly food culture is much more than cheesesteaks. While street food and cheesesteaks maintain an indelible place in Philly culture, Pennsylvania’s largest and most cosmopolitan city is a gem for high class cuisine establishments.

Among the many fine options in Philadelphia, one Pennsylvania restaurant has been consistently creating some of the most exciting, impressive cuisine and memorable experiences. R2L, a restaurant celebrated both for its chef-driven menu and it’s incredible skyline view, emphasizes taking culinary risks to ensure guests are always treated to an exciting dinner experience.

True Philly Flair and Character

Philadelphia is full of inspiration; that’s why so much of what makes Pennsylvania restaurant R2L special is drawn from Philly culture. Renowned Chef Daniel Stern has attentively and creatively drawn influences and inspiration from traditional American cuisine in his menu while adding surprising touches and tastes. Dishes such as those featured below offer modern interpretations of classic Philly food.

  • Grilled Chicken Breast with fried chicken leg and potato salad croquettes
  • Lobster Tail with new potatoes and saffron chowder broth
  • Veal Rib Chop with morels, asparagus + grits
  • Beef Duo: Sliced Butcher’s Filet and Braised Short Rib with potato gratin, crispy maitake, and bearnaise

Location: The Heart of Philadelphia

Our location among the high rises of center-city Philadelphia reflects the urban chic high-culture of modern Philly while recalling the class of the city’s past. R2L’s visual centerpiece–the dazzling panoramic view of the energetic center-city–will impart a new, bird’s-eye perspective on the Philly of today.

From the 37th floor of Two Liberty Place, you will have views of City Hall, the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Delaware River, and 40 miles beyond.

Contact Us

Contact us at 215.564.5337 to make a reservation or learn more about the dining experience at this top Pennsylvania restaurant. We look forward to speaking with you.


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