Planning a proper private dining event comes with certain inherent challenges, ones that every event planner must endure. By learning how to overcome these private dining event challenges, you are assured a smooth planning process that results in a memorable and successful event.

As your to-do list grows into the event-planning equivalent of Mount Everest, consider the following methods to help you conquer these common obstacles:

  • Challenge #1: Staying Within Your Budget
    Event planning 101 is knowing your budget. Defining your budget is the only way to allocate funds to certain expenses and ensure you get what you pay for. When working with private dining venues and vendors, you should be upfront about your budget constraints. Work with a venue’s own event planner, as he or she is able to help you with budget constraints to create an impressive menu and ambiance.
  • Challenge #2: Planning For Time Constraints
    Due to the basic challenges presented by private dining event planning, time constraints are commonly an issue that extends the already long planning process. That is why partnering with the venue’s own event planner is important – with their knowledge and guidance, it is possible to avoid common pitfalls and cut your own time spent on event planning (and stress!) in half.
  • Challenge #3: Collecting RSVPs
    Providing your venue event planner with the number of guests attending your private dining event is always a challenge. Designing, purchasing and mailing out physical invitations is time-consuming and costly. RSVP cards are easily lost in the shuffle of life. Instead, use an online RSVP program, many of which are free. These online programs make it easy for guests to respond and for you to organize the guest list and any food restrictions.
  • Challenge #4: Choosing Appropriate Menu Options
    When it comes to selecting menu options, allergies and dietary preferences make it difficult to create a menu that appeals to everyone on your guest list. Provide your event planner with as many details as possible about your private dining guests’ food restrictions and general demographic information, so she can work closely with the chef to personalize a menu sure to please everyone.
  • Challenge #5: Partnering With The Right Vendors
    A lot of work goes into finding the right vendors for a private dining event. You have to find a few from each specialty, interview each one and finally decide on the best one to meet your specific needs. One of the perks of partnering with the venue’s event planner is that they come with vetted vendor contacts, so the work of finding the perfect vendor is already done.
  • Challenge #6: Creating A Timeline And Sticking To The Plan
    Event planning 201 is all about taking action by executing each task with precision and excellent timing. Break down your event-planning tasks into sections, each section having its own list of high-priority tasks, and start working on what is most important from each section and which items are time sensitive. Also, provide your event planner with the same timeline so she can assist you.

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