R2L’s Classic Art-Deco Space: The Ideal High End Event Room

A high end event room at R2L provides the sophistication that the discerning event planner seeks.

high-end-event-roomWhether you’re planning a wedding reception, birthday celebration, corporate gathering, or fundraising event, the dedicated and attentive staff at R2L will ensure a flawless evening, accentuated by the smallest details, heightened by the elegance of a high end event room.

R2L is well-known in Philadelphia for its distinctive and sophisticated fare. Chef Daniel Stern consistently pushes the boundaries to shape the American palate. For private events, R2L offers a reception menu or a menu customized to your unique tastes. Whether you need stationary displays, hors d’oeuvres, chef-attended stations, or a sit-down dinner, we achieve the same quality of creativity and sophistication no matter what you choose for your event.

Treat Your Distinguished Guests to an Evening in R2L’s High End Event Room

As an event planner, you’re looking for that unique and extraordinary venue that is going to impress your guests and create enduring memories. So why not take the advice of event planners who have already made the finest choice for a high end event room in Philadelphia?

Below are the elegant options available to you for your private event. Each room has its own distinctive flair but all are accompanied by the thrilling panoramic views that have made R2L a culinary landmark for the event planner who desires something more for their guests:

  • The Pinnacle Room is arranged with circular tables for 64 guests and possesses amazing views of South Philadelphia all nestled within a relaxed, fine-dining atmosphere.
  • The William Penn Room is a visitor’s treat with an awe-inspiring southeastern view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Delaware River, and William Penn statue atop City Hall. The room can accommodate up to 22 guests and offers an unrivaled beauty at sunset.
  • For those who have a corporate or business need, bothBoard Rooms 1 & 2  are ideal for a small power-meeting with a plasma television and room for the elite 10-16 guests in your inner circle.
  • Use the entire high end event room for a large, 300+ person private event. Utilize the Club Room, Salon and Bar/Lounge in addition to the private event space.


Make R2L the Destination for Your Next Event By Touring a High End Event Room

We encourage event planners to come visit the space beforehand to get a feel for the unique ambiance and setting R2L provides. As a centrally-located fine dining establishment, our private rooms are in high demand year-round, particularly during citywide events such as the DNC.

Reach out to us at 215.564.3585, make a reservation, or learn more about planning an event at R2L. We are available to speak with you at any time about creating a memorable dining experience during your private event or high end reception. We look forward to speaking with you.


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