R2L Offers an Exclusive Seated Dinner in Philadelphia for RIMS Attendees

R2L is renowned for their exclusive seated dinner in the city of Philadelphia. Make your dining experience historic for the RIMS Conference.

exclusive seated dinnerAs an event planner, you desire nothing less than the best for your invited attendees. Working with a restaurant & lounge whose combined experience of offering unparalleled elegance, attentiveness, and an open ear to the specifics of your unique event can really amplify your dedication to an unforgettable evening.

With breathtaking panoramic views of the city in every direction, R2L is nestled within a majestic Art-deco setting that inspires all the sophistication and mood of a bygone era for your desired exclusive seated dinner. One key advantage for private parties lies in our multiple and adjustable rooms fitted with slide-away walls that invite larger gatherings:

  • The Pinnacle Room (up to 64 guests, more if combined with Board Room #2)
  • The William Penn Room (up to 22 guests, can be combined as well)
  • Board Rooms 1 & 2 (for corporate use/business meetings)
  • Use the entire restaurant for a large, 400+ person private event. Utilizing the Club Room, Salon and Bar/Lounge in addition to the private event space.


R2L & the RIMS 2017 Conference: Providing Exclusive Seated Dinners for the Sophisticated Attendee

The week of the RIMS Annual Conference is poised to become one of the most exciting and opportunistic occasions for event planners looking to impress thought leaders, speakers, and guests arriving to Philadelphia in April 2017.

R2L has successfully created events with event planners from all over the country who desire something more for their guests than an ordinary exclusive seated dinner. For citywide events especially, R2L’s flexibility and willingness to customize our chef-driven reception menus and private rooms is a highly sought-after quality. Paired with a view that no other restaurant in Philadelphia can offer, you can be certain your RIMS event will generate buzz and excite distinguished guests.

Join Us in April for an Exclusive Seated Dinner. Reserve Now.

Reach out to us at 215.564.3585 to make a reservation or learn more about planning an event at R2L. For the RIMS Annual Conference, rooms are certain to be reserved quickly. We look forward to speaking with you.


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