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Customized Private Event Space Near Philadelphia

Traditional private events where the event planner organizes everything around the limitations of the restaurant or venue he or she chooses is no longer. A continuing trend in 2016 will be an emphasis on customization on everything from menu design to the configuration of the space to reflect the desires of the distinguished client.

Customized-Private-Event-Space-Near-PhiladelphiaRestaurants that are flexible in this regard, such as R2L, have seen tremendous success in the private dining industry and have positioned themselves as thought leaders by consistently keeping up with the latest trends. A customized private event space near Philadelphia is precisely what professional event planners need for immaculate receptions, celebrations, fundraising events, and corporate functions.

R2L’s Customized Private Event Space Near Philadelphia Comprises the Best in Event Planning Flexibility

Below are the beautiful private dining rooms we offer within our customized private event space near Philadelphia:

  • The Pinnacle Room is arranged with circular tables for 64 guests and possesses amazing views of South Philadelphia all nestled within a relaxed, fine-dining atmosphere.
  • The William Penn Room is a visitor’s treat with an awe-inspiring southeastern view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Delaware River, and William Penn statue atop City Hall. The room can accommodate up to 22 guests and offers an unrivaled beauty at sunset.
  • For those who have a corporate or business need, both Board Rooms 1 & 2  are ideal for a small power-meeting with a plasma television and room for the elite 10-16 guests in your inner circle.
  • Use the entire customized private event space near Philadelphia for a large, 300+ person private event. Utilize the Club Room, Salon and Bar/Lounge in addition to the private event space.


Our event specialists will be there to assist you in every customization effort in order to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Reach out to us at 215.564.3585, make a reservation, or learn more about planning an event at R2L. We look forward to speaking with you and working with you to make your event ideas a reality.

Customized Private Event Space Near Philadelphia | Near Philadelphia Customized Private Event Space