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When it Comes to Choosing the Best Restaurant, Philly Celebrities, Critics, and Diners Say the Same Thing

What does the word ‘best’ mean to you? If you ask 10 people on the street how to find the absolute best restaurant Philly natives are likely to give 10 different answers. But whether you make reservations based on celebrity sightings, critical reviews, or your own personal taste testing, R2L is sure to stand out. From the art-deco decor to the delectable desserts, a dinner at R2L outshines the competition.

Celebrity Endorsement

Maybe to you, the ‘best’ restaurant is the one with the most celebrity endorsements. Who would be a better guide to Philly’s top 50 restaurants than the stars who have dined all over the world? Reflecting on some of the celebrities who have graced the R2L dining room throughout the years, Chef Daniel Stern rattles off, “Barbara Streisand, Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper, Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Miley Cyrus and her fiancé, whatever his name is. We’ve had a lot of athletes, a lot of Eagles. Tony La Russa was here last year during the playoffs. The best for me, though, was Mario Lopez from Saved By The Bell.” R2L’s sleek interior and top-of-the-world views have been drawing in the stars since opening. Our elegant decor and nuanced menu will have you feeling like an A-lister.

Expert Reviews

Best-Restaurant-PhillyPerhaps you prefer to trust the food critics for your restaurant reviews. Philly Chef
Daniel Stern’s restaurants have always been popular with the critics, from Craig Laban’s “excellent” 3-bell review of Gayle in 2006 and Rae in 2007 to R2L’s 132 5-star reviews on Yelp. Zagat Philadelphia lauds Stern’s culinary talents at R2L, saying “the handsome, contemporary-meets-deco R2L, where the spendy American menu is augmented by an assortment of clever bar snacks and drinks that pay homage to classic cocktails; every seat offers a view, either of the cityscape or the open kitchen.”

Personal Experience

Or maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to experience things for yourself. Celebrity sightings and good reviews from food critics might pull you in, but you know that when it comes to restaurant week, Philly streets turn into your own culinary playground.

Whether you’re coming to R2L via a shining review, a celebrity endorsement, or a burning desire to taste for yourself, our knowledgeable staff is ready to show you why we are the best restaurant Philly has to offer.

Reach out to us at 215.564.5337 to make a reservation or learn more about planning an event at R2L. We are available to speak with you at any time about creating a memorable dining experience.