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8/5 Barefoot Gardens


Barefoot Gardens started as an idea when Linda & Eric moved from Eugene OR to Bucks County PA in 2003. At the time there was not a CSA in the county. They began their search and in 2007 found a piece of land to lease which is 1-1/2 miles from their house in town. The land was previously used as a “sod farm” so we they it would take several years to build up the soil fertility. Also, they were transitioning from backyard gardeners to small scale farmers and knew it would take several years to build up our skills.

The grand ideas, unrealistic expectations, and illusions have faded, but Linda & Eric’s goals of connecting the community to wholesome food and good land stewardship is just as strong as when they began.

Their skills are strengthening, they are getting better at growing food, and are finding that most members are getting better at cooking with unusual vegetables and are really enjoying eating healthy and enlivened food.

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