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8/19 Terhune Orchards


Gary and Pam Mount bought Terhune Orchards in 1975. The farm was 55 acres of apple and peach trees with a few pears thrown in. The Terhune family had owned the farm for two generations, however the Mounts are not related. They were new to this farming business. Since the farm had a small retail business, Pam and Gary decided it would be better not to change the name so Terhune Orchards has remained.

Gary grew up on a large apple farm ‘Mount Farms’ on Route 1 in West Windsor. His family sold the farm in the early 1960’s.

The reason we wanted to farm grew out of several seeds well nurtured and germinated by 1975. Gary had grown up on a large apple farm ‘Mount Farms’ on Route 1 in West Windsor. His family had sold the farm in the early 1960’s. Gary had gone on to Princeton University. Pam grew up in Princeton on Terhune Road, amazingly enough. Gary and Pam started dating while at Princeton High School. Pam went to college in Ohio, studying art and education. They were married in 1967 and went off to Micronesia for three years with the Peace Corps. They had a wonderful experience on a small island with 400 people, teaching and helping with agricultural projects. Gary became an expert on coconut cultivation.

Coming home after traveling around the world, Pam and Gary started a five year search for a place where we could find the community we experienced in Micronesia. This was Terhune Orchards.

First daughter Reuwai was three years old and Tannwen was on the way when the Mounts moved to Terhune Orchards. Son Mark arrived in 1978. In 1985, they bought the Van Kirk Road orchard and planted apple trees with Pick-Your-Own in mind.

Constructed in the 1930’s, the Farm Store, originally known as the Apple House, has come a long way.

Many changes have occurred over the years. Orchards have been planted, the store expanded, bakery started and enlarged, apple cider making operation modernized, a greenhouse built. Over the years, the farm has become more efficient and challenging. But the focus of community and welcoming the public has remained.

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